Continental launches new SportContact 6 performance tires in the Middle East


Continental, the German premium tire international automotive supplier has announced the arrival of its highly anticipated SportContact 6 super sports tires across the Middle East. Targeting owners of cars in the high-performance segment, this dynamic new product delivers improved handling and steering precision. 

Some important highlights:

- The new tires have shown that they can offer a performance boost of up to 14% and can perform safely at speeds of 350km/h.

- 41 dimensions will be available for rims with diameters of 19 to 23 inches giving drivers even more flexibility when it comes to matching their tires to their vehicle.

- The new tire is particularly suited to pure sports cars such as the Audi R8 or Porsche 911 as well as very sporty vehicles such as the BMW 5 Series or Mercedes AMG.

- They also allow an 11% increase in handling on dry roads

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