Electric car charging station now in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has installed its first rapid charging station in Masdar City, as reported in ArabianBusiness. This pilot project is essential to be tested in the regions climatic conditions to assess the efficiency of the rapid charger technology. Provided by Efacec, the CHAdeMO-certified Rapid Charger is a high efficiency DC charger that will serve as a charging station for 12 Mitsubishi Motors Electric Vehicles.


UAE is developing its share of environment friendly cars, such as the Green Car Rental in Dubai, which only provides a new and unique concept for the Middle-East, providing drivers the opportunity to rent or lease hybrid or full-electric vehicles. 

These electric cars provide us with an alternative being environment friendly and greenest of the personal transportation industry, producing low pollution associated with internal combustion engines. The most important is the lower cost of fuel that is electricity of EVs and gas for the internal combustion engines.

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