Fake Toyota spare parts worth 26 million Dirhams seized in UAE

Toyota Counterfeit Spare Parts UAE

In raids conducted across Dubai and Sharjah, UAE authorities in collaboration with Al Futtaim Toyota, have confiscated fake Toyota spare parts amounting to over 26 million Dirhams. With five raids conducted in the third quarter of this year, nearly 50,000 counterfeit products have been removed from shelves across the country, adding to the safety of buyers and fellow road users.

Majority of the parts confiscated were serviceable items such as oil filters and brake pads. In terms of numbers, a total of 34,000 oil filters were seized with a market value of over 760,000 Dirhams. On the other hand, some 6,000 brake pads were seized with a market value of over 1.5-million Dirhams.

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The danger of counterfeit brake pads is that they are usually made of dried grass or asbestos and put the lives of buyers in high risk. Fake oil filters tend to degenerate far quicker (due to the poor quality of materials) and can greatly attribute to major engine failure and expensive repairs.

“Our role in ensuring customers’ safety is paramount and it is our firm commitment to protect consumers from the threat of dangerous counterfeit parts,” said Saud Abbasi, Managing Director of Al Futtaim Toyota.


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