Female journalists in Saudi Arabia try their hand at automotive journalism

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An empowering move and one that is set to go down in history, Ford Middle East and Africa, whose head office is based in Dubai, welcomed two Saudi female journalists into the male-dominated world of automotive journalism. Days before the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is set to lift its ban on women driving, Layan Damanhouri and Nawal Turki AlJabr spent two days with Ford Middle East’s Product Development and Engineering teams, as well the brand’s storytelling teams acquiring new skills in Dubai.

“This is a historic moment and a unique opportunity to encourage women to become involved in an exciting career move. Excellent automotive writing thrives on the independent views of well-informed journalists – and we’re excited to help these two female journalists find their voice and listen to their unique take on the motoring industry,” said Sue Nigoghossian, General manager, MENA Communications at Ford.

Saudi Female journalists

During their two-day trip to Dubai, the journalists learned various skills, including but not limited to, the features and technologies they would need to look for when evaluating and test driving a vehicle; how best to write their stories in an engaging way; and how to create compelling car photography.

Layan Damanhouri, a writer at the English daily Saudi Gazette, said: “It’s been a very enjoyable and enlightening experience to learn about the different aspects of automotive journalism particularly in what goes on in media trips, test drives, storytelling, writing, and photography. What I liked about this introductory program is learning about the basics of a car from the experts themselves.”

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