Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe 2018 Review

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Key Features:  
Engine 2.0L / 4-cylinder
Transmission 9-speed automatic
Power 184 Hp / 300 Nm
Top Speed 240 km/h
Price AED 290,000


Mercedes benz E Class 2018 Coupe

When you hear the word ‘Mercedes-Benz’, what comes to mind is aesthetics, comfort and luxury. The 2018 Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe is one of the most intelligent cars in the world, it’s a supermodel with brains and beauty to match. Elegant, classy, and crammed with tech, you could very well call it the James Bond of the automotive world. It’s a beautiful looking car on the outside and on the inside, it’s just as lovely.

Its striking appearance is a byproduct of several smooth curves, while its appealing profile is courtesy of its pillar-less window design. Riding on a set of stunning 20-inch alloy wheels, the German coupe is a head turner alright, especially with its slim tail lamps that feature a unique stardust effect for a strong visual impression.

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Mercedes Benz E Class 2018 Interior

It’s not only the exterior where the Mercedes Benz designers have worked their magic, the cabin is just as delightful. The aluminum strip on the dash with jet turbine like air vents is very ornate. You can switch them on and off with a twist and move them around to your liking. The way they feel, adds an extra level of sumptuousness when compared to the already luxurious E Class sedan.

The interior has some decent practicality with door bins and enough room to fit in all your gadgets. You can change the interior ambient lighting in 64 different colors to suit your mood at the simple touch of a button. Sat in the center of the dashboard is a magnanimous 12-inch infotainment system with online command and a smart digital driver display.

Safety & Tech

Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe 2018 Interior

For easy navigation of the several menus and features, the E Class Coupe is armed with a rotary dial along the center console, touch pad, and touch sensitive buttons along the steering wheel. Having said that, a touch screen would significantly allow for easier access. The reverse camera and 360-degree view making parking an absolute breeze.

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The sports seats at the front are super comfy, electrically operated, and you can also heat or cool them down depending on the temperature outside. The electronic butler that hands you the seatbelt when you shut the door, makes you feel like nothing less than royalty.

Getting in the back is not as easy as one would expect, with an electric seat mechanism that completes the task at a leisurely pace. Once seated, however, there is plenty of leg room and an adequate amount of head room too. Average sized adults could get uncomfortable relatively quickly though. The boot comes with an electric tailgate and has decent capacity with nice tethering points, hooks for your shopping bags and some storage areas, but the plastics are flimsy and below standard.


Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe 2018 Wheels

The Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe offers a beautiful drive with enough punch to overtake slower vehicles effortlessly. Comfortable and refined, the air suspension does a fabulous job of keeping the ride smooth as silk, even when travelling less than perfect roads. It’s a fabulous long-distance cruiser that is both super quiet and extremely comfortable.

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It has top of the line safety features, like adaptive cruise control, which eliminates the need for accelerating and braking when travelling in busy stop/start traffic. The German Coupe can accelerate, brake, change lanes and steer itself for up to almost 2 minutes without any intervention from the driver. There are more cameras, sensors, radars and electronics in this car than a spy satellite.


Mercedes Benz E Class 2018 Rear

With enormous road presence, technology that astounds, and an expensive image, the Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe makes a bold statement. It’s on the pricier side of the segment and the extensive options list makes it even more costly. However, it’s a lovely thing to be in and it looks gorgeous.

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