Nathan Evans And His Mighty Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny - Nathan Evans

The Suzuki Jimny is a little SUV that has developed somewhat of a cult following around the world. While some people have been busy slapping body kits onto their Jimnys to make them look like a mini G-Class, there are others who have been using it to do things it was designed for: going off-road. Today, we speak to Nathan Evans who tells us more about his little Suzuki Jimny JB74 and what plans he has for it in the future.

What car do you currently drive?

I’m currently driving a grey 2021 Suzuki Jimny (JB74).

Have you owned any interesting cars in the past? 

That’s a debatable question, but I have owned two Subarus and a very obnoxious Dodge single cab pick-up in the past.

What got you into cars? 

I’ve always loved Top Gear and growing up in Dubai surrounded by an evident/special/peculiar car culture, naturally gravitated towards loving cars of all shapes, sizes, and colors! Also, being surrounded by friends and family who share the same passion only helps it grow!

Suzuki Jimny Nathan Evans

What is unique about your car? Have you customized it in any way? 

I haven’t done anything extraordinary yet to my Jimny, however, I have added some extra storage in the cabin because as anyone who owns a Jimny will tell you, there’s almost none from Suzuki!

Do you have any upgrades or modifications in the pipeline? 

I would absolutely love to get the Jimny some Braid rally wheels with some new tires! Of course, in parallel, a suspension upgrade would also be a great addition. Perhaps, a 40mm lift with some less forgiving shocks would be a delight for my off-road and on-road escapades.

Tell me one car you would swap your current car for? 

This ultimately depends on my mood, but as of typing right now, I would definitely take a Chevy Blazer or a Ford Bronco from the 70s/80s and give it some life!

Suzuki Jimny Nathan Evans


Nathan Evans And His Mighty Suzuki Jimny
Nathan Evans And His Mighty Suzuki Jimny
Nathan Evans And His Mighty Suzuki Jimny

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