Nissan 370Z 2017 Review

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Successor to the famed Nissan 350Z, the 370Z is the sixth-generation model to adorn the esteemed “Z” badge and takes on the likes of the Toyota 86 and Audi TT. Sat in the naturally-aspirated, six-cylinder niche, the 370Z is a coupe that is dedicated to the most discerning of enthusiasts who value performance over styling, practicality, and quite frankly, anything that isn’t catered to delivering a sublime experience behind the wheel.

Key Features:  
Engine 3.7L / V6
Transmission 7-speed automatic
Power 328 Hp / 363 Nm
Top Speed 250 km/h
Price AED 134,000


Reminiscent of the legendary Datsun 240Z, the 2017 Nissan 370Z fuses elegance with aggression and is subjectively the most aesthetically pleasing of its rivals. With a sloping roofline, 19-inch Rays alloys, flared fender arches, and a prominent diffuser, the Japanese coupe exudes performance and is an absolute head turner, even when standing still.

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Impeccably designed and well put together, the cabin of the 370Z combines perforated and smooth leathers with Alcantara to well suit the vehicle’s personality that is connoted through aluminum pedals, bucket seats, magnesium paddles, a flat-bottomed steering wheel, and three prominent pods atop the dashboard.

Shorter in wheelbase, length, and height than its predecessor, the 370Z’s dedication to crisp handling costs it a fair bit in the practicality department. Outward visibility is hindered by large blind spots and the boot space measures in at a paltry 235-liters –capacity that is objectionable even by sports-car standards.  

Safety & Tech

Sticking to the bare basics, the cabin of the Nissan 370Z is sprinkled with convenience and entertainment features that comes in the form of satellite navigation, an exceptionally clear rear-view camera, Bluetooth telephony and audio streaming, and a banging 8-speaker Bose audio system that brings with it two – yes, two! – subwoofers.

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Wider both dimensionally and in track width than its predecessor, the Nissan 370Z’s low-slung stance is more than just an aesthetic trait. Contributing to its exceptional handling, the Japanese coupe is composed of lighter weight materials that see the introduction of an aluminum subframe, aluminum-alloy engine cradle, aluminum door panels, and an all-aluminum hood.

Armed with a 3.7-liter V6 engine that pumps out 328 horsepower and 363 Nm of torque, the 370Z delivers on the performance front by completing a 0 – 100 km/h sprint in 5.0-seconds and flaunting an exceptional power-to-weight ratio of 0.1015 hp/kg – a figure that far surpasses its rivals.

Mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission with SynchroRev Match, the 370Z mimics a manual transmission by holding gears all the way to red-line and blipping the throttle on downshifts for a smoother transition while ensuring the vehicle always remains in the powerband.

Complementing its 55:45 front to rear weight distribution is an extremely stiff double wishbone suspension set-up, a carbon-fiber composite driveshaft, and a hefty, yet precise steering. Although stopping power is provided by sizable 355mm rotors upfront, the 370Z’s vocal chords fail at delivering a vivid exhaust note.


Although unchanged for the past eight years, the charm of the Nissan 370Z is something that words alone are unable to do justice to. Far from practical, the Japanese coupe will require you to make several compromises, and possibly even reduce your friends circle, but pin the accelerator pedal to the footwell and smiles is something it will deliver time, after time, after time…


- Exceptional value for money

- Phenomenal handling and power


- A/C keeps resetting to 25-degrees when the car is switched off

- Characterless exhaust note

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Nissan 370Z 2017 Review
Nissan 370Z 2017 Review
Nissan 370Z 2017 Review
Nissan 370Z 2017 Review
Nissan 370Z 2017 Review
Nissan 370Z 2017 Review
Nissan 370Z 2017 Review
Nissan 370Z 2017 Review
Nissan 370Z 2017 Review
Nissan 370Z 2017 Review
Nissan 370Z 2017 Review
Nissan 370Z 2017 Review

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