Top 5 cars for women in Saudi Arabia

اقرأ المقال بالعربية

Women Driving Saudi Arabia

After years of protesting the ban against women driving in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the abolishment of a longstanding policy sees women of all age groups and ethnicities racing into showrooms to get behind the wheel of their dream car. With numerous options and varied budgets, here are the top five cars for women in Saudi Arabia.

Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10 2017 Front

An affordable and practical city runner, the Hyundai i10 is an easy to drive hatchback that is both good looking and easy on the wallet. Its stylish exterior is a precursor for the tech bonanza that lays within, while the small engine is both efficient and ideal for new drivers.

Engine: 1.2-liter / 4-cylinder

Power: 84 horsepower / 120 Nm

Price: SAR 34,000

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Renault Captur

Renault Captur 2017

A hatchback on stilts, the Captur is a trendy and youthful subcompact crossover that allows the personality of its drivers to shine through with numerous customization options. Offering great value for money, the Captur is targeted to a younger audience, ideally those who wish to keep a safe distance from the brand’s humdrum Duster SUV.

Engine: 1.2-liter / 4-cylinder

Power: 120 horsepower / 190 Nm

Price: SAR 63,900


Mazda3 2017

A great sedan for beginners and techies alike, the Mazda3 makes up for all the shortcomings of its lesser-equipped Japanese rivals. Well designed and loaded with comfort, convenience and entertainment features, the compact sedan is both good looking and extremely practical.

Engine: 1.6-liter / 4-cylinder

Power: 103 horsepower / 145 Nm

Price: SAR 68,000

Toyota 86

Toyota 86 2017

A sports car that brings with it Toyota’s unwavering reliability, the 86 is stylish without being boring. The 2.0-liter Boxer engine guarantees impressive fuel economy while keeping the Japanese coupe’s weight down to a mere 1,190 kilograms. Dedicated to those who value simplicity and possess the desire to stand out, the 86 isn’t one to disappoint. 

Engine: 2.0-liter / 4-cylinder

Power: 200 horsepower / 205 Nm

Price: SAR 84,900

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Honda CR-V

Honda CRV 2017

Large without being a burden in narrow spaces, the Honda CR-V is the go-to vehicle of choice for women who wish to see and be seen on the roads of Saudi Arabia. With great visibility and an excellent safety rating, it is the best-selling crossover globally and for good reason. Safety and practicality are synonymous with the CR-V.

Engine: 2.4-liter / 4-cylinder

Power: 188 horsepower / 222 Nm

Price: SAR 105,500

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Top 5 cars for women in Saudi Arabia
Top 5 cars for women in Saudi Arabia
Top 5 cars for women in Saudi Arabia
Top 5 cars for women in Saudi Arabia
Top 5 cars for women in Saudi Arabia
Top 5 cars for women in Saudi Arabia


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