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With Over 469 Used Cars in the UAE to choose from. We can help you find, buy and ship the car of your dreams.


Why Import with YallaMotor?

Find Your Dream Car
YallaMotor is the largest used car marketplace with over 30,000 ads in the UAE giving you the greatest choice of cars to choose from.
Peace Of Your Mind
With YallaMotor make sure all your payments are secure and the car meets the advertised specifications with independent inspection.
Hassle Free
We take care of all paper work needed from the moment you decide on a car till the car is shipped to you.
Bring it Home
We've partnered with the best in the shipping business for you to track your car across the globe until it reaches your home.

5 Simple Steps to Bring Your Car Home With YallaMotor

Start Now
Use YallaMotor website to find the car or share a link to the car you find elsewhere.
Full car independent inspection to buy the car with peace of mind.
Make a secure payment for the car with a YallaMotor guarantee.
All customs and ownership paperwork taken care of by us.
Our partners will make sure you get best shipping rates and services.

Bring the Car of Your Dreams home with YallaExport

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YallaExport takes the hassle and uncertainty out of buying and shipping your next car home. For only $399 you'll get the following:
YallaExport for only
1. 2 Independent Inspections with video
2. Your own representative in the UAE to contact seller
3. Secure payment method guarantee by YallaMotor
4. Handling of ownership transfer and all other paperwork
5. Best rates and quality when it comes to shipping the car home

We Ship to Most Countries Including:

Saudi Arabia’s regulations for importing a car have changed in the last 12 months. Here’s what you need to know:
  • Only GCC and Accident-Free imported cars are allowed in KSA.
  • Cars within 5 years old have more than 15% VAT
  • Cars exported to KSA must be V6 or less.
  • We have 48 hours transit time and the car could reach your doorstep.
  • We assist with customs clearance and Wakala at an additional cost.
Whether you stay in a country in the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, or Asia we can bring your can home upon request. We can ship to KSA, Iraq, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, and the UK to name a few. To get more information about the shipment to your country, please send us a request by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.
It varies by port, method (container or RoRo), and size of the car. Click Here and reach out to us if you want an estimate.
YallaExport rate includes 2 comprehensive inspections. We will be sharing with you an initial overview of the condition of the car before we proceed with the comprehensive inspection. In case the car fails and you use both inspections, there will be an additional payment for our service per car.
For the YallaExport service, you can pay online securely using a credit card. As for payments related to buying the vehicle and shipping you can transfer them safely to our Agent’s $USD account to proceed with the transaction.
Required documents vary from country to country and we will guide you through the paperwork that you need at each step. Typically you will need:
  • Importing as an individual: your original passport, or the passport of the person in whose name the car is registered
  • Importing as a dealer: company’s commercial license
  • Bill of lading (to be provided by Seez upon booking of our Cross Border service)
  • Driving license in the country to which you are importing
Yes, shipping service includes insurance that covers your vehicle from the moment it is placed inside a shipping container in the UAE until it is delivered to your doorstep in your country. Note that this will be quoted separately based on the destination country and is not included in the YallaExport rate.
You can choose to handle customs clearance by yourself. If you choose this option, YallaMotor takes care of paperwork and delivery to your country’s border or port. After this point, the car will be handed over to you and you can take care of clearance at the border or port.
YallaMotor is not a car dealer. We are an online portal facilitating the buying and export service, we do not own the car.
No, we do not provide any refunds for the service once we initiate the process.