Car Definitions

What does Ambient Lighting mean?

Soft and often customizable illumination around the vehicle's cabin.

What does Performance Tyres mean?

Tires that are dedicated to high-speed driving are known as performance tires. They tend to have a shallower tread pattern than standard road tires to reduce rolling resistance while providing maximum grip.

What does Front Camera mean?

A camera placed at the front of the vehicle that gives drivers a clear view of objects such as pavements or potholes that they may not be able to judge precisely otherwise.

What does Winch mean?

A mechanical recovery device that is found on some SUVs. It is made up of a rope, cable, or chain and is used mostly for self recovery in tricky off-road situations.

What does Manual Transmission mean?

A type of transmission that requires drivers to use a clutch and shift manually from one gear to the other.